A user represents a Account used to Access/Login to our site. It is not associated with any other platform like Discord. However we do store some of your Discord User Info such as ID and Username.

Not all endpoints are documented here. See here (opens in a new tab) for more accurate documentation regarding users

Get User



Retrieves information about a particular user based on their User ID.


The structure returned by this API is quite complex, large and always expanding. Please see here (opens in a new tab) for a much more accurate documentation on all keys sent by this endpoint

user.UserThe user object of the user on the site.
aboutString?Some information about the User.
certifiedBooleanThe users IBL Certified Dev Status.
bot_developerBooleanThe users Bot Developer Status.
staffBooleanIf the User is IBL Staff (True or False).
extra_linksArray[Link]The extra links of a user

Example Response

See here (opens in a new tab) for an example response returned by this API. Note that it is quite large and combines data that was previously in seperate endpoints to reduce the number of required API requests.