Hey there 👋, welcome to our Official Documentation!

Getting Help

If you need some help or think you have spotted a problem with our API you can talk to us in our #api-support (opens in a new tab) channel in our discord server (opens in a new tab).

API Intro

Infinity uses a REST(ish) API for most of its functionality. This API is used by our website and our bots to interact with the database.

For more up-to-date api reference, see (opens in a new tab). Please check this as well when developing against the API. Many endpoints on v4 especially are quite complex and nested and can't be documented easily here.

Base Url (opens in a new tab) (v4 API)

The older base URL will continue to work but it is recommended for newer bots to use


To access our API you need to authorize yourself or in this case your bot, this can be done by using your Infinity API Token which can be found in the Owner Section of your bots page.

Owner Section Screenshot

Authentication is performed with the authorization HTTP header:

  Authorization: "your-secret-token"