Official Documentation for Infinity Bot List


Our API is designed to be modern and easy to use while being lean, responsive and insanely performant!


We use a Lightweight, Responsive RESTful API for all POST and GET Requests.


Our API is Made in Go (next/http) and Rust (axum) and it's all OSS on our github!


We put our users first and ensure our code is reliable. It even powers our entire site and is fully documented, no security-by-obfuscation here!

Sensible API

Our API is simple to use and provides Error Messages and Responses that even a monkey could understand 😏

Developer Friendly

We Encourage and Support all User/Developer based Contributions. Whether it be making us a Library or anything of the sort!

Extremely Extensible

You can use our API to build the most complex features. Such as: Vote Logs, Vote Rewards and so much more.